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Training & Leasing

Training For Your Horse

Horses and ponies are accepted for training at Vining Hill Equestrian Center, Inc.. We not only take unbroken and green broke horses, but also horses with training problems or bad habits. Our trainers have years of riding experience and have ridden thousands of horses. The issues your young or problemed horse may have are issues we have already dealt with and can confidently train through. All “In-For-Training” horses are required to have a current negative Coggins Test and a Rabies Certificate. As all horses and problems are different, all training fees and length of training will vary in order to meet your horses' individual and unique needs. Please call (413) 569-5797 for additional information on training.


Leasing your own horse at Vining Hill Equestrian Center, Inc. is a great way to practice what you have learned during your lessons. Our flexible lease program allows you to lease one of our school horses 1, 2, or 3 days a week. Pricing is $35 per ride plus cost-share for regular upkeep items like shoeing. Vining Hill Equestrian Center, Inc. continues to care for and maintain your leased horse as well as the equipment. Your only obligation is to come and have fun. School horses are leased on a first come, first served basis and you must continue with a weekly riding lesson. Also, remember that all our school horses are for sale!

Horse Sales

At Vining Hill Equestrian Center, Inc. all our school horses are for sale. Lessons or a lease program are a great way to “Test Drive” a potential horse for suitability.

If none of the horses are suitable, feel free to visit our friends at the Strain Family Horse Farm in Granby, Connecticut. This facility is strictly a sales barn keeping between 30 and 50 horses at all times. Please visit the Strain Family Horse Farm website to view these horses.

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